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CABE Teachership Awards

The CABE Teachership Program is an endowment fund established by CABE to award $2,000 scholarships to college or university students seeking a career in pursuing their bilingual teaching credential. Each CABE chapter, region representative or individual nominator (must be a current CABE member) has the opportunity to nominate individuals for a teachership award. These nominee applications are reviewed by the Regional Representative(s) from each region. The Region Representative(s) forms a committee to review all nominees from their region and then selects up to two (2) winners to be that region’s teachership recipients. Teachership award(s) are presented during the Annual CABE conference.

Eligibility Criteria
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Carlos Penichet Teachership Award

Carlos Penichet and Jeff Jorge Penichet recognized the need for classroom bilingual materials and established The Bilingual Educational Services, Inc. for the purpose of developing innovative materials for use in bilingual Education. Carlos Penichet’s untimely death ended the life of a young compassionate and caring individual. Jeff Jorge Penichet commenced an endowment trust fund with CABE, Carlos Penichet Scholarship Fund, in 1992.

Dr. Alma Flor AdaAlma Flor Ada Teachership Award

Dr. Alma Flor Ada has inspired many children, parents and educators throughout her lifelong work as an educator and author. She is a leader, mentor and teacher for many outstanding individuals who completed their doctorates under her guidance and now serve English Learners in a variety of district/school and university position. In 2008, Alma Flor Ada’s Family along with F. Isabel Campoy established the Alma Flor Ada Teachership Award.


FF. Isabel Campoy. Isabel Campoy Teachership Award

F. Isabel Campoy is the well-known author of numerous children's books in the areas of poetry, theatre, folktales, biographies, and the art. She is a researcher and author of several books on the culture and civilization of the Hiispanic world. Songwriter and storyteller, Isabel's goal is to provide children the key to interpreting the world in a fun, challenging and affirming way. Isabel has authored books to facilitate language acquisition and development, to discover the playful possibilities of language and to explain the history of the Spanish language.



Chuck AcostaCharles "Chuck" Acosta Teachership Award

Chuck Acosta's education career spanned 35 years which inluded being a bilingual education consultant for the Los Angeles County Office of Education. Chuck served on many local, county and state educational committees. Through his work and vision he influenced many educators and state legislators. Chuck Acosta was one of the co-founders of the California Association for Bilingual Education (CABE). Without his vision, tenacity and true belief in the power of bilingual education, CABE would not exist today. He knew that with the growing number of English Learners in California, we would need an organization to be a powerful source of grass-roots advocacy; political clout and also be the premier source of professional development for teachers, administrators, para-educators and parents.






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